Kate Lister

Dr Kate Lister

Sex And The City Of Leeds
06/12/18 - 12:00pm



Thoresby Conference Room, Leeds City Museum, Millennium Square, Leeds LS2 8BH

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Ellen Bransberg was fined forty shillings for ‘being a prostitute and importuning for immoral purposes’ in the city of Leeds in December 1946. During the hearing, Bransberg was described by the police as ‘the best known prostitute in Leeds’. Bransberg may well have been the ‘best known’ sex worker, but the history of the sex trade is anything but well known. In this fascinating talk, Dr Kate Lister and Basis Sex Work Project invite you to explore the hidden history of sex in the city of Leeds. We will unearth the earliest records of sex work in Leeds, trace the city’s efforts at regulation, healthcare and abolition to the present day, and shine a light on a vibrant, but little-known history of Leeds. The event is introduced by historian Dr Sara Barker.

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